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The one-stop shop for all your rabbit needs is mobilepetgrooming.ae. We provide inexpensive, thorough rabbit grooming in Dubai.
Our crew is thoroughly qualified and trained to give your dog the greatest pampering services, especially our groomer. They are ready to cheerfully offer what they can do, from a quick nail trim to a thorough wash and from a full groom to teeth and ears cleaning.
Our concern for animals’ welfare and comfort stems directly from our love for them. Cages are specifically prohibited in our grooming studio for this reason. Our van is a cage-free grooming van, so your rabbit is free to roam around inside.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have fully equipped van with all facilities for groomers to provide best service to your pet.  Our groomers will collect pet from your home and deliver pet at your door step. 

Yes, We only hire certified, and experienced groomer with us. We understand that handling a pet required training and experience, Therefore we have best groomers in industry.

Yes, We have our own payment gateway system for customers who wish to make payment through credit card or online transfer.


Every pet has different grooming time where as normally it takes any where between 30 min to 90 min as per pet size and breed.

We are always happy to provide discount to our regular customers. You can always ask for discounted price for your pet grooming.


Mobile Pet Grooming - Expert Pet Grooming At Door Step

Mobilepetgrooming.ae offers professional mobile pet grooming services to all dogs, cats, birds, rabbits right across Dubai. If you proudly own one or more pet who simply need a good freshen up or something a bit more such as a full clip or complete groom then we’re here to help. Maybe you’re pet-sitting for a friend or relative and want to surprise them with a clean fresh pooch when they return home. Either way mobilepetgrooming.ae can help you now!


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15% Off All Services

We love your pets. Therefore we give 15% discount on every grooming session booked with us. Ask for discount today.

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